Uppada Pattu Silk Sarees

Uppada sarees are famous for the unique designs. Uppada Silk is named after a small beach town of Uppada in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Uppada Pattu or Uppada Silk sarees are made from the age old Jamdani method. While weaving the sarees weavers are using non-mechanical techniques. Sarees are usually described by the lenght and breadth count of threads.

Specialty of these sarees are very light weight and very comfortable to wear for functions and special occasions to look very attractive beautiful.  

Jamdani it’s a handcrafted woven saree in Uppada village. Jamdani it’s a style of weaving originated in Bangladesh, It was 300 years old technique. This style of jamdani weaving brought to Uppada village of East Godhavari, Andhrapradesh in south India . This style of weaving gratify with a local resonance. Uppada weavers were recognized by Govt. of India with special awards.

To weave one uppda saree will take 10-30 days time for which at least 4-5 weavers has to spend nearly 8-10 hours of their day. Around forty percent of weavers are local womens. To make a saree, it takes a period of two weeks to make a cotton body with silk pallu completely handwoven. Before making this saree, weavers will prepare the pure lace silver zari often dipped in melted gold. Weaving of saree involves, laying out its design, interweaving silk threads, looming etc. There are around 3000 looms producing jamdani sarees in and around uppada kothapalli area.

Speciality of Uppada Sarees / Vuppada Sarees:

-> Uppada sarees can be folded and fits in a matchbox, in such a way weavers will  design these sarees

-> Speciality of Jamdani sarees is that it’s get design on both the sides of saree lower and upper side

-> Because of its smoothness of this fabric womens will not feel irritate to wear at any time for any type of occasions

-> Very light weight sarees than that of Kanchi and Dhrmavaram sarees.

-> Uppada sarees have different designs includes geometric, flowers, leaves, latest design peacock.